Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The beginning of Grad School....

Oftentimes I wonder if I am making a huge mistake trying to continue my education... the loans and the stress and the homework and the reading and the communte with the cost of gas. What am I doing? I try to remind myself that I chose this and I will follow through with it and I will be great at it. Today was day 2 and I am avoiding my homework like the plague. I have been home for 3 hours and I have managed to get my books out on the couch next to me, but as of yet, I have not opened them. I have watched crap tv and eaten dinner and checked my email.... what else can I do to tie up some time or procrastinate before forcing myself to dive into the exciting material I've been asked to read by my professors? Crap! Well, I'm not much of a blogger (can't you see why?)

I'm off to study.

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