Sunday, March 14, 2010

I wonder....

I wonder if life really is better when shared with someone else? My students have made it their mission to set me up with someone.....when they mention parents, my easy out is to say "It's unethical." When they pick other teachers, I respond, "I don't think he's available, plus, I don't have time and I am not interested in dating." My students said if I dated someone I would be happy; so I asked them if I really seemed unhappy. They, of course, said that I was always happy, but that maybe if I was dating someone I would be happier. Have they seen their own juvenile relationship? They are always bickering and name calling and there is so much drama...granted they are middle schoolers....but all the adults I know are faced with the same scenarios. Can't I just be happy and successful without a man in my life? Why does our society see it as a problem if a 32 year old woman is not married, without children, and entirely independent....why is that so bad? I am happy, for God sakes! I am happy! Leave me alone already!

On a brighter note, I spent the weekend at my parents house and saw my nephews. They are so cute..... I was going to skip the trip since I am going to Disney on Ice with them next weekend, but the little on guilted me....he said please and that he wanted to do puzzles. :( So I buckled and went to their house. I didn't get home until 8:30, then a friend called and we talked until after 10:00, so now I am not working out. Guess I will have to do double tomorrow.

Europe is 4 months away! It is time to book the flights and hotels and start figuring it all out. I am super excited! (Now see, if I were in a relationship, would I still be going to Europe with a girlfriend? Hmmm)

Till next time....

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  1. I'm so jealous that you get to go to Europe. My next trip out of the country I plan to go to Ireland. Of course I have no idea when I'll ever be able to afford that. But it's my plan. I feel the same as you about having a man. Yes, I'd love to find the right guy, but until that happens, I don't have the time, or the emotions to deal with the ones who just cause more stress and aren't the right ones.