Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's been awhile....

I never seem to remember about my blog....although sometimes I wish I wrote more. I guess this could be my outlet.

Life has been great lately. I have about two months of grad school left...if I pass my comps, I will graduate May 1. I am very excited about that. This summer I am heading to England, Ireland, France, and Italy with some friends from school. It will be an amazing experience. Other than that, I don't have many other trips planned. I recently paid off my credit card and am hoping to avoid using my vacationing has to come to a hault.

Teaching is going great. When the year first began, I truly missed my kids from last year and didn't feel much of a connection or bond with these students. Now that we have only a few months left, I am aware of the fact that I will miss them greatly as they move on to high school. They truly are an amazing group of kids....obviously some more than others, but I will miss many of them.

I am grateful that grad school is coming to an end. I have come to the realization that adults who are going for their master's degrees are a bunch of whiners. They come up with any excuse to get out of class or to bitch about assignments. It is annoying! I think as adults if we are taking the step to go to school, we should put forth the effort to do well. It is expensive and time consuming and it takes a lot of work; it is nice to be with others who are willing to work hard...and if they are not willing to work hard, it is atleast nice to not have to hear them complain about how awful it is every week. Sheesh! They are worse than my middle school students.

I have also been spending some quality time with my nephews....who are amazing. They are super cute and make me laugh. My sister certainly has her hands full with a 3, 4, and 5 year old, but they rock! Hopefully I will get better at blogging and I can tell some stories about them.

For now, I guess that is all. It is time to head to bed. I am in the middle of Thirteen Reasons Why right now and kind of eager to get on with it. It is a book about teen suicide and with the whole counseling degree and teaching middle school, my hopes are that the books opens my awareness and gives me more tips of clues to watch for.

Till then....

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