Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy Days...

Today might very well be the first day in two years that I have had absolutely no grad school homework, grading, planning, or school stuff to do at all. Whatever will I do with my life now that grad school is over?

Today my plans include.....
~cleaning the house (ick)! I don't think I've thoroughly cleaned the house in a very long time. It never gets too terribly bad, but I probably do some deep spring cleaning.
~organize my grad boxes and get all my books, papers, and stuff put away. I may need it again in the future....if anything, I may loan it to a friend if they go through the program.
~read......yep, lots of reading....
~work out - I took the last four days off and it is time to get back in to my routine. I can't blame being fat on grad school it is just laziness and poor choices. Rats!
~play on FB....I tend to do that a lot regardless of my responsibilities. Oh well.
~enjoy may not be too entertaining today, but I am surely going to enjoy it.

Took my state Praxis yesterday and will find out in about six weeks if I passed or not. To be honest, it was rather easy. There were probably 10 questions out of 120 that I really struggled with....hopefully I did as well as I thought I did and pass it. It is a pretty expensive test and I'd rather not have to re-take it. I'm not planning on looking for a counseling job right now, but since I had already studied for my comps to graduate, I thought I might as well take this test too.

Well, time to get started with enjoying my day.... I should probably do the cleaning and working out first since those aren't the most enjoyable.....we'll see.

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