Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Day....

Well, it is finally the weekend. It has been a really long, difficult week. My grandpa died last Friday night and the viewing and funeral were in Iowa this past week. I rarely miss school, but I took 3 personal days to go up and grieve. The funeral was nice and peaceful and it was good to spend time with my mom and grandma and family; I have accepted the fact that he is in a better place and is at peace, but it still sucks.

Once I came back to school, the kids were nuts. They are out of control and being really rude and shitty! I am trying to stay patient, but sometimes I just can't stand their callous behavior. They treat eachother and the teachers like crap just because there aren't any real consequences for them. They don't realize that the behaviors they develop now will follow them through high school and beyond; I hope they are able to mature quite a bit before high school. There are about 20 of the 200 that I will really miss next year....that makes me sad that I won't miss more of them.

On a positive note, I passed my comps for grad school and it looks as if I will in fact be graduating May 1. I am super excited. I have to finish my portfolio, a portfolio paper, my practicum - 3 videos with 3 papers for each of them, and a social/culture paper. I stayed at school until 7:45 tonight with the plan to complete some of this, but I worked on planning instead. My jump drive wouldn't open on my school computer....un-oh.....could that be a major problem?????? I'll be fuming! It will all work out though. I can finish all my menial tasks this weekend, study this week for the Praxis this coming weekned, and graduate May 1.....then I am done for a while....woo hoo!

I guess that is all for now......enough venting and ranting and is too short, right? I'm sure I'll be back on the graduation note.....maybe I should be doing that now instead of blogging? :) Hmmmmm....

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  1. The kids are crazy for me right now. Fortunately for me this year, I do really like these kids. Even when they're making me angry, they can say one thing that makes me laugh and have to cover it so they don't think they can behave like that. I think part of it is that when you can taste the end of the school year, I mean 28 more days for us, yippee!!

    Sorry about your grandpa, it is hard, but like you said, he is in a better place.

    Congratulations on your Master's. What Praxis do you have to take?

    Oh yeah, how did you subscribe to Ronnie's blog? I can't seem to find the link to do it on his blog.