Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost over...

Well, I have two weeks left of school this summer, and because of circumstances, I actually on have class two more times. That is exciting! I am going on a float trip this weekend in Noel, Missouri (thank gosh I'm not driving because I have no idea where Noel is). At the beginning of August, I am going to San Diego for 10 days. Life is good right now.

Classes are much easier this semester. I have 100% in both classes. This makes me curious as to whether or not my work is being graded for content or completion.... I love the A's, but am I really learning what I am supposed to be learning. One would hope. We do a lot of online discussions and I feel like I am learning a lot. It is useful content as well.

Although it is early, I think I would like to go lay in bed and read, so I am off for now.

Until next time... live well, laugh often!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blogs! Who's all going to Noel, MO? Sounds fun. San Diego is a city I've always wanted to visit (but, then, so is Las Vegas)...Maybe one day. You on myspace or facebook? If so, I ought to find you there.

  2. Post some more blogs!!! Write about Thanksgiving or something. Or give me a call and tell me what's up.