Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Float Trip

Well, I love a good float trip yearly, but I tend to forget how incredibly exhausting it is. This year we rode three in a canoe. It was awful. Our weight was unbalanced and we often overcorrected. We tipped 5 times and I have an insane amount of bruises to show for it. I had a lot of fun, but forgot to drink water... so I was left with a headache and went to bed early that night. I met a handful of really exciting people - with more of a past than I thought possible. One couple had a high school style fight - and they were in their mid-20's. It was amusing. It was great. It is over and we are now preparing for next year.

I did miss having my friends on my float trip with me. I went with my sister and brother-in-law, whom I love dearly, and all of their bar friends. In the past, I've always had my own friends with me too and that has been great. I missed them this year. I will have to re-think things for next year.

Note to all - DO NOT TAKE BOY/GIRLFRIENDS on float trips with you unless you have been together for a substantial amount of time. It ruins your trip and everyone else's.

Okay, that's all.

I leave in three days for San Diego. I am super excited! Oddly enough, I truly feel like I deserve all these vacations.

I believe I will get A's in my July classes and I got A's in my June classes too. See, I worked hard and do deserve more vacation!

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