Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Future

So, my teacher came by to see me at school today to touch base about my practicum in counseling.....and she thinks that I should really be searching for a counseling job for next year. She says I am good with the kids and that I can get them to open up and they trust me. I agree, but I don't want to leave where I am. I brushed it off and just said that I wasn't has been too hectic this year, but in reality, I LOVE my job! I teach amazing kids who make me laugh and cry and get angry and feel love for every day! Seriously....every single day there is someone who makes me laugh - usually a lot of those - and a few who make me cry (their lives suck sometimes and sometimes they are just awful people to others) and someone who makes me angry (usually the last hour of the day when I am exhausted) and someone who I love (because so many of them just need someone who cares about them because their home lives suck!). So, because I love my job, I don't want to change jobs.....I want to keep doing what I am doing because I think I am good at it and I am making a difference in their lives right why stop? I've also worked for administrators in the past that were less than supportive and didn't love their jobs or the kids.....and frankly, I am scared to leave a good job for something that could potentially be awful...especially with this job market. For now....I am staying put! It's been may years in the making where I can say I am blessed in many ways....including my job! Today - I love my life!

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